Sunday, May 29, 2011

Plumbing Disaster

This has not been a week that I want to repeat.

I took the week off work to do some much needed cleaning in my house. Unfortunately, our AC has developed a leak somewhere and we've lost over 2lbs of freon since December. Needless to say, we're not using out Air Conditioning and this week ended up being one of the hotter weeks we've had. When I've been at work we've had nice 70 - 80 degree days, I take off and we've had primarily 90+ degree days. My cleaning made it on schedule 2 days before true disaster hit.

Wednesday afternoon I got a call from my mother, that my grandmother had fallen and she needed help picking her back up, so I headed over. After getting grandma back up in a chair I visited for a while. Back in the car I found that I missed a call from the school. I had to go pick up my little guy. He'd had and accident and needed to be picked up. Did that, then home, shower and off to meet Nana and shoe shopping. A new pair of sandals later we were off to pick up sissy from school, and dropping brother off at church. Finally home again. Now, is when the real "fun" began.

With no air conditioning little man wanted a bath. I popped him in the tub, flushed to toilet and disaster struck... the toilet backed up... the tub backed up... pulled little man out of the now nasty water and tried to get the overflowing toilet under control. Long story short... six hours later I was still without working plumbing, but the general location of the problem had been narrowed down to my main sewer line by my brother and father. My hubby who had a class that night, hadn't shown up home yet, all though he'd left the class at 8:30PM and I'd called him at 11:15PM.

The next morning my hubby got home around 4:30AM, but didn't make it into the house until 7:30, about 15 minutes before my brother showed up to return the equipment he'd rented and exchange it for something that worked.

I got little man dressed and ready to get on the bus, got yelled at to come up stairs and help put in the window unit in our room by a drunk hubby. He was throwing clothes across the room and generally being ugly. Once the AC was in the window he laid down on the floor and went to sleep. My other two children, thankfully, got little man on the bus as they headed out to theirs - thank goodness they had a late morning. I left my hubby on the floor, closed the windows, and went out to help finish with the plumbing issue.

Within 2 hours of returning with the new hundred foot electric snake it was run down the main line... found some roots, sigh...but once that was cleared it's now operating again. Yeah!! Showers and flushing toilets is taken for granted WAY too much! By 11 everything was returned, I was home, and my dad and brother headed back to their homes.

My hubby woke up around 1 or 2 PM in a much better mood. The kids came home... did chores... I got dinner underway. 6PM I dropped of the daughter at school and headed back home to finish up dinner. During dinner the hubby asked if I'd help pull out the AC under the house and test it. I agreed although I was the one who ended up under the house, he did help pull it out by using a tarp, once I had it on there (he really doesn't like spiders). Amazingly, it worked. Together we got the pre-run maintenance done and got it installed in the downstairs window. My daughter called to get picked up as we were getting the unit the last few inches pushed back in the case. I ran out and picked up our daughter and by the time we came back the dining room was already cooling down.

My little guy has kicked, knocked, etc. his bedroom door until he dislodged the frame. So, at this time, his door frame had been taken down which means he's free to roam when he wakes up in the middle of the night. My daughter agreed to have him sleep in the trundle in her room, if I'd do her chore of washing dishes. I agreed since I didn't have time to get his door fixed.

Friday I caught up on some sleep... I got little man out to school and then went back to bed and slept till 1pm. The rest of the day was fairly calm... I'm so thankful for plumbing and air conditioning. I dropped off the daughter for the last night of the school talent show, then picked her up and dropped her off at her friends house a sleep over. I hadn't been home too long when I got a phone call from a friend and she and I went out. We had good time. Vented, which we all need to do from time to time, and felt by the end of it. It was odd, however, when I'm the one getting home at 2:15AM. That's definitely more the hubby's deal.

It's gotten better now that I'm not roasting all day long, but my cleaning never made it back into the schedule. Now I'm just tired from all the "excitement" of my vacation and am hoping tomorrow will be a good round up to my time off and have me ready to head back to the office on Tuesday.

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