Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting the New Year in the ER

We're home... made it in around 5-5:30. We went in to the ER around 11:30 with my youngest gasping for breath, complaining of pain in the right side of his chest, and a temperature of nearly 103. After chest x-rays, blood work, oxygen, IV fluids and antibiotics and a couple of discussions about transferring him to a hospital that had a pediatric unit, his temperature decreased and his breathing rate finally slowed down enough that the ER doc let us take him home with a prescription javascript:void(0)for a continued hefty dose of antibiotics. Diagnosis is bronchitis/pneumonia - the x-ray didn't give a clear picture of the congestion location.

As of now - he's still coughing, breathing a bit raspy, but much slower than it's been and he doesn't feel like he has a temperature any longer.

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